Geotextiles for public and civil works

Thanks to our synthetic fibres such as polyester, geotextiles can be manufactured for public and civil works with multiple and various applications.

The geotextile is made up of a synthetic fibre mesh which provides these materials with a strong resistance and significant capacity for drainage, carrying out different functions.

They are prevented from mixing with different materials, while protecting the ground from potential pollution through filtering.

It strengthens the ground and gives it greater stability, thanks to its resistance to traction and its capacity for containment.

The geotextile is a porous material that allows liquids to pass through it, filtering materials or more solid materials, carrying out the function of drainage, reducing the pressure that the ground is supporting.

The geotextiles may be applied in different fields of public works, such as the construction of roads, as they help to distribute the load generated by traffic, allowing soft ground to be built on, preventing sinking or potholes, filtering water and prolonging the lifespan of the paving.

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Other examples of geotextile applications are in hydraulic works, railways, the construction of retaining walls, in gardens, landfills, and tunnels, etc.