We provide the textile materials that different companies require for manufacturing their products. We use recycled materials without compromising on quality standards.

Open-End Spinning

Our 100% Cotton and Synthetic Cotton fibre, both white and coloured, is used for open-end spinning.

Non-Woven Fabric

This fabric is made up of synthetic textile fibres that provide greater durability and resistance to products manufactured with this material, such as footwear lining, beach umbrellas and mattresses.

Synthetic Geotextiles

Our high tenacity Textured Polyester and Polyester fibres are used by companies that manufacture geotextiles, bodkins and synthetic felts, serving as insulation for construction in public and civil works. A good example are the roads that we all use.

Types of polyester

Reprocessed acrylics

Our acrylic fibres are used by companies dedicated to the manufacture of blankets, bodkins and carded fibre spinning, among others.

Colours available